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At Fleet Services of Utah, located in Lindon, Utah, we take pride in offering a comprehensive warranty program. Our warranty program has been designed to ensure your repair and service needs are met with exceptional coverage and support.

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Comprehensive Coverage for 18 Months/18,000 Miles

Our previous warranty program covered parts and labor on qualifying repairs and services for 18 months or 18,000 miles. This extensive coverage ensures that you receive exceptional protection for a substantial duration, allowing you to have confidence in the quality of our services.

Benefits of our Warranty Program

When you choose Fleet Services of Utah, you automatically receive our warranty benefits at no additional cost. These benefits include:

  • Comprehensive coverage for parts and labor on qualifying repairs and services for 18 months/18,000 miles.
  • Additional peace of mind, knowing that your warranty coverage is supported by a trusted and established automotive repair brand.

Trust Fleet Services of Utah for Unmatched Warranty Coverage

At Fleet Services of Utah, we prioritize the satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers. With our exceptional warranty program, we aim to provide unmatched coverage and support for your light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and fleets. Contact us today to learn more about our warranty offerings and experience the difference of our trusted services.

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For exceptional  warranty service, please contact our dedicated Fleet Services of Utah team. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our professional warranty services.

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Our Heavy-Duty Diesel Mechanic Services

Jason Brennan

Customer's 5 star review

Frank and his team are always ready to serve!!  Great place to do business with!

Josh Davis

Custom review

Great people to work with. Always fair and honest.

Michael Daley

Customer's review

I've worked with them many years and they are always very good and professional.

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